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Star Wars
The Approaching Storm


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Alan Dean Foster returns to the Star Wars universe!  Unfortunately, Splinter of the Mind's Eye is lightyears ahead of Storm.  Why so negative?  The book is very slow to get into.  But, a driving force to keep you moving are Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Ofee, two of the coolest Jedi ever.  The book centers around the border dispute on Ansion Mace Windu mentions in AOTC, a nice bridge to the movie.  It's good, but not nearly as exciting as Splinter.  B.
Note:  Splinter won't be reviewed, as I do not consider canon, though Lucasfilm has decided it does.  Several events in the book condradict other books and movies, which as me firmly set in my mind that this book is NOT canonical.