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Star Wars
A New Hope, 1977, 1997


Ask The Jedi Council
Jedi Council answers

This movie, being the first introduction to the world of Star Wars, is a miracle, literally.  A little known, young director with two low budget films under his belt (though American Grafitti  was successful) trying to make a movie of a dead genre doesn't exactly spell blockbuster.  And that's the logic many production companies used when they turned down George Lucas.  It took several months of searching and asking before Fox finally offered Lucas 50 thousand dollars to write the movie and 100 thousand to make it.  All that turned into the most influential film of all time, Star Wars.
When it first debuted in 1977, many people were skeptical.  Sci-fi hadn't survived the 50's because people got tired of seeing the same robots and little green men threatening Earth, and so they were wary of a film like this.  They were in for a surprise, as Star Wars completely rewrote the book on sci-fi movies.  It was, for once, something new.  A story about a boy saving a princess had, of course, been told countless times before, but Star Wars was fresh and exciting.  Soon it topped even Jaws at the Box Office, as did all its successors.   It is certainly not the best Star Wars movie, but it snatches 3rd place.